F-Scan Overview


F-Scan is Network Box’s three-in-one solution, offering managed gateway protection for Firewall, VPN and IDP.





Protects servers and workstations from a host of network-level attacks, including protocol anomalies, connection flooding, denial-of-service, SYN flooding, as well as packet fragmentation evasion techniques.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Secures out-of-office connections with specific access control policies for groups and individual users. Authenticated user sessions from outside the office, ensure data remains confidential during internet transit.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

The IDP module integrated with the Firewall, scans network traffic at the application level, and seamlessly blocks malicious behaviour with zero latency. Protection against newly emerging threats is provided by a database of vulnerability-class based signatures and heuristic.

(expert system) anomaly-based behavioural analysis.

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