Network Box staff have extensive experience of advising many customers who have to adhere to these regulations. This experience means that they have the expert knowledge to be a real benefit when customers are being certified.

  • Easier Compliance: Network Box’s services provide many requirements for our customers. We provide security advice to ensure the integrity of our customers’ network. We provide offsite storage of customers’ configuration and a number of high availability options. Monitoring ensures that customers’ systems are working within acceptable parameters and pro-active updates ensure all customers’ systems are current.
  • Improved Security: Network Box provides improved security as our trained and experienced staff can advise as to the best solution for our customers. This results in improved fault tolerance and hence stronger workflows. With properly configured and designed systems there are fewer vulnerabilities which reduces exposure to liability.
  • Greater Intelligence: Network Box personnel build a relationship with our customers’ teams. This gives them an understanding of the infrastructure and of the company’s specific requirements, policies and procedures. It means that advice is better targeted and implementations are a better fit to the individual requirements.

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